So you can laugh.
For a lifetime.

We are professionals, dental paramedics, and we can help you with almost any problem related to your teeth. We achieve the best results when we take care of your teeth together. So that you don't have cavities. To prevent cavities from becoming painful inflammations. To keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. So you can laugh. For a lifetime.

Dr. Kristýna Krejsová, Head Doctor

Our story

My preparation for becoming a dentist began somewhat unplanned as a child in my grandfather's workshop. I spent many hours there making wooden toys, from a toy dog to high-heeled shoes.

MUDr. Kristýna Krejsová

Why should you entrust the care of your smile to us?

Craftsmanship, care and empathy

People are the key to an excellent result. Dentists with quality training, experience and a empathetic approach.

But what separates the very best dentists from the mediocre is craftsmanship and care.

Without craftsmanship and care, there is no quality result. Fillings or crowns that last 15, 20 years or more. Properly treated root canals that allow the tooth affected by the infection to remain practically fully functional, even without the nerve.

We are dental rescuers, fighting to keep every tooth healthy, functional and beautiful. As long as possible. For a lifetime.

MUDr. Kristýna Krejsová, vedoucí lékařka Stomatologického centra Dentique

A team of experienced professionals

Modern dentistry is not the domain of individualists. It is a team effort that requires perfect interplay between dentist and nurse. Often, the entire professional "orchestra" is involved in the outcome - from the dental hygienist or laboratory technician to the dental surgeon, orthodontist or anaesthetist. A concert for four hands over a chair literally becomes a symphony. For a perfect result, you need a professional performance from everyone.

A first-class dental centre = a first-class team with excellent working conditions. In addition to a perfect result, you can be sure that you will not have to meet a new dentist every time you visit.

Your protection is just as important as the overall result.

We take safe treatment very seriously and all our procedures are based on it. It is no less important than the result of the treatment itself.

Phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, chlordent, UV light. In dentistry, it is common to work with a number of dangerous substances and equipment that can cause harm if not handled carefully. Even a small accident or carelessness can result in serious health damage - burns to the mucous membranes of the throat and oesophagus from swallowing disinfectant, inhalation of small tools, damage to eyesight. This is why we always use protective glasses and an insulating membrane - called a cofferdam - during treatment.

New technologies, modern procedures and first-class materials

Over the past three decades, everything about the work of a dentist has changed. Technology, materials, procedures. Before, there were no panoramic x-rays, magnifying glasses, microscopes, CEREC 3D computer modelling, 3D scanners, rubber dam insulation membranes or implants. The smallest problem was often solved by pulling out the tooth.

Today's technology, procedures and materials make it possible to save almost every tooth. It just depends on the determination, skill and expertise of your dentist.

Even when I was studying medicine, Kristýna fascinated me with her thoroughness. When I was looking for a new dentist shortly after graduation, I knew exactly who I would be choosing.

Petr K., Dentist Client since 2008

I worked with Kristýna in the same practice for several years, so I have seen her work closely every day. I trust her completely. She has been taking care of my teeth for almost 20 years.

Pavlína M., dental hygienist Client since 2006

In 2008, Dr Krejsová treated the root canal of my first molar. My tooth is still fine today. It's the same with fillings. Now I mainly go to her for check-ups.

Michal B. Client since 2008