Fee guide

The fee guide lists the most common types of treatment and their approximate price. The exact price will be determined by the dentist after a consultation or examination prior to the procedure. A complete price list of procedures and prosthetic products is available at the dental centre.

Dental hygiene - New Patient session

75 min (including brushes)

2800 CZK

Dental hygiene - control session

60 min (including brushes)

2200 CZK

Comprehensive dental examination

1500 - 3400 CZK

Dentist consultation

15 minute session

1200 CZK

OPG- Rotational Scan X-Ray (Digital)

Complete X-ray of the upper and lower jaw

900 CZK

Composite filling

White aesthetic filling

starting at 3000 CZK

Teeth whitening

Carried out by a dental professional

9000 CZK