Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth are not just about health, they are also about beauty. Natural beauty is the best. However, even natural beauty sometimes needs care and help, and after prolonged neglect, in the case of a congenital defect or after an injury, perhaps even more extensive intervention.

Aesthetic dentistry is concerned with various deviations and anomalies - both colour and shape, or minor deviations in the position of the teeth. Often, female clients (but not infrequently also male clients) complain that as a result of smoking, drinking coffee or red wine, their teeth no longer look like pearls. Other times they come in with unsightly old fillings, deformities, cracks or chipped teeth from minor injuries. In most cases the problem can be solved with the help of dental hygiene, internal and/or external bleaching, aesthetic correction of the shape of the teeth or replacement of old fillings.

Even with aesthetic dentistry, it is definitely worth noting the risks and choosing an experienced dentist. Few people want to become an unwanted walking advertisement for bright white sanitary ware thanks to an inappropriately chosen solution, technology or even the color itself.