Prosthetic dentistry

As part of prosthetic dentistry, we deal with selected functional and aesthetic dental reconstructions, especially the replacement of missing teeth and their parts.

A crown is the ideal solution in cases where the tooth itself is already so damaged (by decay, after endodontic treatment, injury or other mechanical damage) that the repair of a composite filling no longer guarantees sufficient mechanical resistance and there is a risk that the entire tooth will crack. However, the crown can also be used universally to correct the shape or position of the tooth or to cover the original unsightly enamel.

When replacing missing teeth, we most often use high-quality all-ceramic crowns. Why is this? Very few people can tell the difference between a carefully made all-ceramic crown and their own tooth.

Compared to metal-ceramic crowns, all-ceramic crowns have their own physical benefits. Light can pass through them and they do not have the undesirable aesthetic effect of greying of the gums near the crown (the so-called umbrella effect).

If you lose one or more teeth, the most common solution is to work with a dental implant specialist to place a dental implant. An alternative solution can be the construction of a bridge. However, this solution is very invasive and may even be too radical. This is because there is always unnecessary grinding of often healthy adjacent teeth.