Preventive care

The purpose of prevention is to avoid problems. If they do occur, it is important to detect them in time. Treating an incipient cavity is much less time-consuming and costly than allowing bacteria to get close to the nerve and cause tooth inflammation. The earlier we detect the occurrence of decay, the greater part of your own tooth we can save.

We use modern x-ray equipment to detect caries at an early stage. We use magnifying glasses as standard during the check-up. This allows us to detect potential problems in their infancy, long before they become real problems.

In addition to dental hygiene, preventive care includes regular check-ups to examine the condition of the teeth, mucous membranes and malocclusions. Last but not least, check-ups are an important way of preventing serious diseases. Precancerous and cancerous changes in the oral cavity are examined. This is why heavy smokers, people who drink concentrated alcoholic beverages or people who are exposed to excessive amounts of harmful substances should not forget about regular check-ups.